Tobacco Tin Manufacturers

Now that we’ve covered a few different tobacco companies, I think its time to focus on the manufacturers and artists who created the tins themselves. While the tobacco companies were focused on producing popular tobacco, these can companies were producing very elegant and detailed lithography to help a brand stand out on the shelves.

Collectors today know that tobacco tins are abundant and during the heyday of tins in the late 1800s and early 1900s tins were everywhere and served as packaging for everything from food, medicine, and yes even tobacco. Tobacco companies quickly adopted tins once they were being mass produced and affordable because they protected the tobacco from drying out and the colorful lithography available on them was the best way to differentiate brands in the highly competitive industry.

Some of the most well-known and desirable manufacturers are listed below and I’ll be doing blog posts about most of them soon in the future.

Somers Brothers
Ginna & Company
S.A. Ilsley & Co
Hasker & Marcuse
American Can Co