Tobacco Tins

Tobacco Tins are very popular and relatively common type of Antique Collectibles. However, there are many of them that are very valuable and condition matters, so if you’re looking to sell remember to send us a picture so we can give you an accurate value.

There is a special name for the field of collecting tobacco antiques called Tobacciana. Collectible tobacco tins typically date from the mid 1800’s to the early 1900’s and many of them even have the original tax stamps which allow for dating. Tobacco Tins are quite collectable because they were produced in many cases with beautiful artwork in up to 10 colors on paper labels, or later lithography, in interesting shaped canisters and there are hundreds of different brands and designs to collect.

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There are many different types of Tobacco Tins so check them out below:
Canisters (round, square, or rectangular):

This is a canister style tin                          This is a canister style tin


Lunch Box (can be found with single or double handles):

This is a lunchbox style tin


Figural (examples include dolls, casket, or milk can):

This is a figural style tin


Store Bins (larger displays that were located inside a store):

This is a Store Bin tin                   This is a Store Bin style tin


Pocket (pocket sized tins to carry around):

This is a Pocket Style Tin                                 This is a Pocket Style Tin


Cigar & Cigarette:

This is a Cigar Style Tin                    This is a Cigar Style Tin


Sample Packs
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